Chatillon Instruments and Gauges in Canada


UTSM Motorized Test Stand
Supplier: Chatillon
Part#: UTSM

Chatillon motorized UTSM universal test stand delivers high-performance characteristics needed in exacting laboratory and production tests.

TCM201 Motorized Force Tester
Supplier: Chatillon
Part#: TCM201

The Chatillon? TCM201 Series of motorized test stands offer customers an easy-to-operate motorized testing system that is precise enough for the laboratory and rugged enough for the production floor.

LTC Manual Test Stand
Supplier: Chatillon
Part#: LTC

Chatillon manual LTC test stand brings flexibility to precise, low-capacity repetitive force testing.

DFX 2 Digital Force Gauge
Supplier: Chatillon
Part#: DFX2 Series

Chatillon DFX 2 Force Gauges Series (available in four capacities: 10, 50, 100 and 200 lbf with 0.3% full scale accuracy) is an economical digital force gauge ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak force measurement.