Digital Anemometers in Canada

Hi-Res anemometers that will provide fast and accurate air velocity readingsin easy to access areas. Durable, shock resistant, low cost and reliable for direct air stream measuring. For wind speed measurement please use one of our hand held digital anemometer. Ideal for air conditioning and heating systems, measuring air velocities and wind speeds. Temperature and humidity can also be read on some meters. Buy any of the digital anemometers below in Canada from us!

Mini Vane Thermo Anemometer
Supplier: MTP
Part#: MT2010

This MTP portable Vane Anemometer with temperature features a 16’’ gooseneck mini vane probe to easily fit in hard-to-reach areas.

Rotating vane anemometer
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHGLAN007

Easy-to-use rotating vane anemometer. With this digital anemometer you can measure wind speed, wind amount, win rate, wave height, temperature. Sold in Canada by DMM.

Hot Wire Anemometer with Air Flow Measurements
Supplier: MTP
Part#: MTP-2020

MTP 2020 is designed for very low air velocity measurements. It features a slim probe, ideal for grilles and diffusers.