Infrared Thermometers in Canada

We're pleased to offer you a great selection of Infrared Thermometers that can be used for Non-contact temperature measurements.

Non-contact thermometers let you measure temperature accurately, quickly, safetly, providing nearly instantaneous temperature readout without actually touching an object - an excellent solution when measuring objects that are hot, moving or difficult to reach.

Infrared thermometers are great solutions when measuring temperature in hard-to-reach, hot, rotating or dangerous situations: just point and shoot any of our portable infrared thermometers to get an accurate and safe temperature reading.

Accurate IP54 Infrared Thermometers
Supplier: Fluke
Part#: 62MAX/MAX+

This Fluke 62MAX/MAX+ (series of infrared pyrometers) offers new features for more accurate laser infrared surface temperature measurements or contact measurements.

Infrared Thermometer (500°C/8:1)
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHSEIR005

SHIMANA non-contact, pocket-sized, easy-to-use digital infrared thermometers, -50 to 500C temperature range, 8:1 optical resolution.

Infrared Laser Thermometers (1050°C/30:1)
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHSEIR122

IR Laser Thermometer with integral type K thermocouple input. This Shimana infrared gun provide fast, easy,and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements with Type K probe and 20 points memory.

IR Thermo-Hygrometer with Dew Point
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1324RH

The MTP 1324RH displays the surface temperature of the measuring surface in the same time with the readings of ambient conditions (air temperature and humidity readings).

IR Thermometer with K-type thermocouple
Supplier: Fluke
Part#: 56x Series

These IR Thermometers Gun combines both infrared and contact temperature measurement functions in a single tool for HVAC professionals!

Infrared Thermometers (-50 to 1000°C/50:1)
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1328

With its highest 50 to 1 distance to spot ratio, the MTP-1328 Infrared Thermometer measures smaller surface areas at greater distance.

Visual IR Thermometer
Supplier: Fluke
Part#: VT04/04A

Visual Infrared Thermometer
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1321i

This Visual IR Thermometer displays a low-resolution thermal image for temperatures up to 300°C. Recommended for maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical circuits or bearings.

High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer
Supplier: Fluke
Part#: 572-2

Fluke 572-2 features the highest 60:1 distance to spot ratio with dual laser technology and adjustable emissivity, measures non-contact temperature from -30°C to 900°C and the contact temperature in a range of -270°C to 1372°C (-454°F to 2501°F)

DUT301 Infrared Thermometers (550°C/12:1)
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: DUT301 Series

These Infrared Thermometers can determine the surface temperature by measuring the amount of infrared energy radiated by the target?s surface.