Durometers in Canada

We offer a variety of durometers (portable hardness testers) that provide a convenient means for determining hardness readings in situations that do not lend themselves to bench testing. Shore A, C, D, typically classified by the test scales they perform.

Hardmatic Durometers for Rubber and Plastics
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: HH-300 Series 811

Buy these digital and analog durometers, available in both Shore A and Shore D scales, ready to test a wide variety of applications. Digital durometers comes with data hold, data output functions and clear LCD screen.

Test Blocks for Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHGLDR188/189 Series

These Shimana durometer test block kits are used as a method of determining the operational status of a shore A or D hardness tester.

Analog Shore A and D Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHWSDR029/30/31 Series

Hand held durometer, high-resolution. Shore A, C, D analog durometers for rubber, leather, foam, glass or plastic hardness testing.

Test Stands for Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHWSDR059 Series

Use these hardness test stands (with the Shore A/D Analog or Digital Durometers) to eliminate the speed and weight variables in hardness testing measurements.

Digital Hardness Testers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHGLDR014/15/16 Series

Portable handheld testers designed to determine the indentation hardness of materials ranging from cellular products to rigid plastics. Pocket size models with integrated probe.

Digital Shore A, D, OO Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPMDR176/187/212 Series

Digital Durometers from Shimana, Shore A,D and OO. Conforms to ASTM D-2240-05, have adjustable dwell time, memory and statistical functions.

1700 Max-Hand Durometer
Supplier: Rex Gauge
Part#: RG-1700

Hand held durometer designed to enable the user to observe and measure the "creep" present in a specimen

Multi-Scale Durometer
Supplier: Rex Gauge
Part#: MSDD-4

This Rex Multi-scale Durometer comes standard with Rex Type A durometer, and your choice of one of more color-coded barrel adapters for D, B, C, DO, O, OO or OOO scales.