Shimpo Instruments and Gauges in Canada


FGS Motorized Test Stands
Supplier: Shimpo
Part#: FGS-50PVH

Because speed, distance, and time are controlled by the user in either a vertical or horizontal model, Shimpo's advanced motorized test stands can be configured for any application.

MF Mechanical Force Gauges
Supplier: Shimpo
Part#: MF

Incredibly durable and user-friendly, these economical mechanical Shimpo gauges are excellent for repetitive testing in assembly line or quality control lab applications.

Contact Handheld Tachometer
Supplier: Shimpo
Part#: DT-105A/DT-107A

SHIMPO Handheld Tachometers that can accurately measure rotational/linear/surface speeds and total length in a wide variety of engineering units. Outstanding accuracy. Extensive speed range.

Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
Supplier: Shimpo
Part#: DT-205LR/DT-207LR

Shimpo tachometers DT-205LR and DT-207LR incorporate laser technology yet retain the hallmark rugged construction and reliable quality components; both offer incredible value and versatility as they perform non-contact and contact applications.

FGV Digital Force Gauges
Supplier: Shimpo
Part#: FGV-HX Series

With just the touch of a button you can measure force in any engineering units desired, i.e. lbs, kgs or N. Any force from a few oz. up to 500 lbs can be accurately measured with one of the FGV family force gauges.