Mecmesin Instruments and Gauges in Canada


MultiTest 1-i Computer-controlled Stands
Supplier: Mecmesin
Part#: 805-009

The MultiTest-i test stands are Mecmesin's best and most comprehensive systems, enabling the user to create sophisticated test programs via computer together with an advanced level of results analysis. Mecmesin MultiTest-i frames sets the standard in comp

MultiTest 1-x Console-controlled Test Systems
Supplier: Mecmesin
Part#: 805-008

The Mecmesin MultiTest-x systems are console-controlled test frames for measuring both force and displacement, 1000 N capacity.

CFG Compact Force Gauges
Supplier: Mecmesin
Part#: 860

The CFG is a pocket-sized, lightweight force gauge designed for elementary tension and compression measurement.

BFG Basic Force Gauges
Supplier: Mecmesin
Part#: 853

The BFG series of force gages is perfect for portable applications where accuracy is needed in Quality Control environments.