MTP Instruments and Gauges in Canada


Mini Decibel Meter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1013

This entry level dB Meter is a pocket size tool used to measure sound pressure levels in simple noise measurements.

Digital Multimeter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 2326

This MTP Multimeter is simple to use and has all you need for general purpose electronic and electric applications.

Economical Clamp Meters
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 3093 and 3094

The MTP-3093 Clamp Meter measures 400A AC current, up to 600V AC/DC voltage and resistance, temperature, capacitance and frequency.

Digital Illuminance Meter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1210

The digital illuminance meter MTP 1210 is a precision light meter used to measure illuminance (lux, footcandle) in the field.

Mini Vane Thermo Anemometer
Supplier: MTP
Part#: MT2010

This MTP portable Vane Anemometer with temperature features a 16’’ gooseneck mini vane probe to easily fit in hard-to-reach areas.

Electricity Monitor
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 3100

This electricity consumption monitoring system for home and business helps your business to improove your electricity use providing real time information about instant energy (kW), energy consumption (kWh), total cost ($ value) and more...

Digital Contact/ Non-Contact Tachometer
Supplier: MTP
Part#: AT-8

Digital MTP Tachometer provides fast and accurate contact and non-contact RPM and surface speed measurements of rotationg objects

Highly accurate Thermo-Hygrometer
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1368

This Thermo-humidity measures humidity as well as Dew Point and Wet bulb temperature. MTP-1368 Thermo-Hygrometer has LCD Dual Display to show the temperature & humidity values in the same time.

True RMS Clamp Meters
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 3095 and 3096

These MTP Clamp Meters feature True RMS technology, a AT III 600 V/ CAT II 1000 V safety rating, measure current, voltage, resistance, temperature, capacitance and frequency.

Wall Mount Datalogger Humidity Meter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: ST-172

Allows you to set HIGH and LOW temperature and relative humidity alarm limits and records data into internal memory. Perfectly suit for greenhouses, warehouses or home applications.

IR Thermo-Hygrometer with Dew Point
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1324RH

The MTP 1324RH displays the surface temperature of the measuring surface in the same time with the readings of ambient conditions (air temperature and humidity readings).

0.5'' (12,7mm) AC/DC Clamp Meter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: ST-337

This Mini Clamp Meter features 1mA high resolution and measures AC/DC current up to 80A as well as 400mV and 600V AC/DC voltage.

Automotive Multimeter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1551

This powerful automotive MTP multimeter model 1551 helps to perform electrical troubleshooting and diagnose most of the electrical and electronic components with great precision and simple operations.

Industrial TRMS Multimeters (water proof)
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 2860

The MTP-2860 was designed to work in industrial environments. With a combination of precision, features, easy-to use, safety and reliability, the MTP-2860 Industrial Multimeter can record peaks for both frequency and capacitance ranges.

Resistance, capacitance, inductance LCR Multimeter
Supplier: MTP
Part#: MS-5300

Design to international safety standard IEC1010-1 The MTP MS-5300 LCR Multimeter comes with RS-232 serial data output, MAX/MIN recording mode, and both manual ranging and autorange options.

Insulation Tester
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 4010

The MTP Insulation Resistance Tester model MTP-4010 will to the vast majority of insulation resistance tests on normal installation requirement.

Noise Level Meter (data logger)
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1810

The MTP-1810 has been designed for quick and precise environmental sound level measurements. The MTP-1810 has max and min function, hold function and can records data and Fast and Slow response.

Infrared Thermometers (-50 to 1000°C/50:1)
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1328

With its highest 50 to 1 distance to spot ratio, the MTP-1328 Infrared Thermometer measures smaller surface areas at greater distance.

Hot Wire Anemometer with Air Flow Measurements
Supplier: MTP
Part#: MTP-2020

MTP 2020 is designed for very low air velocity measurements. It features a slim probe, ideal for grilles and diffusers.

Visual Infrared Thermometer
Supplier: MTP
Part#: 1321i

This Visual IR Thermometer displays a low-resolution thermal image for temperatures up to 300°C. Recommended for maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical circuits or bearings.

Ground Resistance Tester
Supplier: MTP
Part#: MS-2301

MTP Earth Ground Tester (model MS-2301) is easy-to-use instrument for ground resistance testing. It measures leakage current and the current 1mA-40A of power transmission lines or the grounding resistance of communication lines.