DeFelsko Instruments and Gauges in Canada


PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gages
Supplier: DeFelsko
Part#: PosiTector SPG

This PosiTector SPG is a surface profile gage for blasted steel and textured coatings able to provide fast measurement rate (over 50 readings per minute)

PosiTector Dew Point Meter
Supplier: DeFelsko
Part#: PosiTector DPM

Measures and records climatic conditions including: Relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature and difference between surface and dew point temperatures.

PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Gauges
Supplier: DeFelsko
Part#: PosiTector 6000

The PosiTector 6000 measures both non-magnetic coatings on ferrous metals and non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metals using the latest magnetic and eddy current technology for non destructive and accurate tickness tests. Buy this simple, durable and

PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Meter
Supplier: DeFelsko
Part#: UTG Series

The PosiTector UTG measures the wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and more using ultrasonic technology. Ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion or erosion on tanks, pipes or any structure where access is limited to one side.

PosiTector 200 Coating Thickness Gauge
Supplier: DeFelsko
Part#: PosiTector 200

Coating Thickness Gages for measuring on Concrete, Wood, Plastic and more. Advanced models measure the total thickness of a coating system or up to 3 individual layer thicknesses in a multi-layer system.