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Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer

Part#: DT-205LR/DT-207LR
Supplier: Shimpo
Calibration Certificate: is available at extra cost
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Shimpo DT-205LR and Shimpo DT-207LR are handheld, battery operated digital tachometers. They can accurately measure rotational/linear/surface speeds and total length. Tachometer's readings can be displayed in a wide variety of engineering units with the help of a built-in selector switch.

A bright red laser mark provides for NON-CONTACT RPM measurements from 1 inch to 20 feet permitting a wider margin of safety. RPM measurements can now be made through the smallest of site glasses and openings, eliminating the need to remove machine covers and shields, saving time and money.  

Which model should I buy?


  • Shimpo DT-205LR is the LCD version is to be used in sunlight and provides longest battery life
  • Shimpo DT-207LR is the LED version will work better in poorly lit or dark environments but will drain battery faster
  • The DT-205LR-S12 & DT-207LR-S12 models includes a 12" circumference measuring wheel that offers safer and easier surface speed measurement


Offering unprecedented confidence via new improvements, the SHIMPO DT-205LR/DT-207LR battery-operated tachometers still feature the same rugged, high quality components that have made them the benchmark in the industry. These user-friendly, value-packed photo-contact tachometers feature expanded memory storage, added length functions, and many standard accessories. 

All Shimpo tachometer models are sold in Canada as a complete kit including 6" or 12" circumference surface speed wheel, two cone tip adapters, funnel tip adapter, shaft extension, two AA batteries, user manual and a foam-fitted carrying case.

We are Shimpo's speed instruments canadian distributor and carry the line of photo/contact digital tachometers. For contact only digital tachometers please see the Shimpo DT-105A/DT-107A models. 

Please visit our tachometers page for more models.


  • Multi-mode speed selection - can measure RPM, mPM, YPM, FPM, IPM and total Meters, Yards, Feet and Inches
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Safely measures RPM (non-contact mode) up to 20 feet away
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Extensive speed range (6 - 99,000 RPM)
  • Large 5 digit display: LED for DT-207LR/DT-207LR-S12 and LCD for DT-205LR/DT-205LR-S12
  • Lengthy battery life (40-60 hrs approx. / 25 hrs approx. for DT-207L)
  • 13 readings are stored in memory and retained for 5 minutes (last, max., min., and 10 extra measurements)




Part Number DT-205LR DT-205LR-S12 DT-207LR DT-207LR-S12
Display 5 digit 0.47" LCD 5 digit 0.47" LCD 5 digit 0.4" LED 5 digit 0.4" LED
Master Wheel 6" cir. 12" cir. 6" cir. 12" cir.

±1 rpm: 6 - 8,300 rpm
±2 rpm: 8,300 - 25,000 rpm 
±0.006 % of reading ±1 digit (±6 rpm max.): 25,000 - 99,999 rpm

Measuring Range 6 - 99,999 rpm
Measuring Units

rpm (using contact adapter, included)
for rate: ypm, mPM, fpm, ipm &
length: yd, m, ft, in, use 6” cir. wheel w/ 200L contact adapter 

Memory 13 readings stored in memory & retained for 5 minutes (last, max., min. & 10
extra measurements)
Display update time 1 second (typical)
Detection Laser Diode / Contact Adapter
Over Range indicator Flashing numerals
Power 2 AA 1.5 V batteries
Baterry life 40-60 hrs aprox 25 hrs aprox
Standard accessories reflective tape, 2 cone tips, 1 funnel tip, DT-ADP-200LR adapter, 3.5” extension shaft, NIST certificate,carring case, master wheel (6" or 12" cir.)
Operating temp 32°- 113° F (0 - 45° C)
Weight 0.8 lb (365 g)
Dimensions 7.2” L x 2.4” W x 1.8” H (182.5 mm x 60 mm x 46 mm)

These SHIMPO digital tachometers are sold in Canada by DMM. We also calibrate tachometers to ISO 17025 in our Brampton (Great Toronto Area, Ontario) based accredited lab.

Need to have this new Shimpo DT-205LR/DT-207LR Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer calibrated? While this gauge has passed a quality control check, having a calibration certificate for tachometers might be required by your quality control system. Digital Measurement Metrology (owner of ProcessInstruments.ca) is a canadian metrology company with more than 25 years of experience. Our Brampton, Ontario based calibration lab has one of the most comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited calibration scope in Canada.

Do you have an old Shimpo gauge to be calibrated? We might be able to calibrate Shimpo tachometers (Shimpo DT-205LR/DT-207LR or a different model) and provide an ISO, NIST traceable calibration certificate. Please contact our metrology lab for more info.

Ordering info

SKUDescription Display Master WheelIn Stock
DT-205LRLCD Laser Tachometer 5 digit 0.47 6 2
DT-205LR-S1212" LCD Laser Tach 5 digit 0.47 12 1
DT-207LRLED Laser Tach 5 digit 0.4 6 2
DT-207LR-S1212" LED Laser Tach 5 digit 0.4 12 1

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