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Surface Roughness Tester M/I

Part#: SHGLST022
Supplier: Shimana
Calibration Certificate: is available at extra cost
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When measuring the roughness of a surface with the SHGLST022 Surface Roughness Tester the sensor is placed on the surface and then uniformly slides along the surface by driving the mechanism inside the tester. The sensor gets the surface roughness by the sharp built-in probe. This roughness causes displacement of the probe which results in change of inductive amount of induction coils so as to generate analogue signal, which is in proportion to the surface roughness at output end of phase-sensitive rectifier. The exclusive DSP processes and calculates and thenoutputs the measurement results on LCD.



  • This instrument is compatible with four standards of ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS and is widely used in production site to measure surface roughness of various machinery-processed parts, calculate corresponding parameters according to selected measuring condition and clearly display all measurement parameters.
  • Multiple parameter measurement: Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
  • Highly sophisticated inductance sensor
  • Four wave filtering methods : RC, PC-RC, GAUSS and D-P
  • Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and control circuit with high capacity
  • Can communicate with PC computer for statistics,printing and analysing by the optional cable and the software for RS232C interface.
  • Manual or automatic shut down. The tester can be switched off by pressing the Power key at any time. On the other hand, the tester will power itself off about 5 minutes after the last key operation.
  • The tester can memorize 7 groups of measurement results and measuring conditions for later use or download to PC for analyzing and printing.
  • Metric /Imperial Conversion


  • Display: 4 digits, 10 mm LCD, with blue backlight
  • Parameters: Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
  • Display Range
    • Ra, Rq: 0.025-16.00um/1.000-629.9uinch
    • Rz, Rt: 0.020-160.0um/0.780-6299uinch
  • Accuracy: Not more than ±10%
  • Fluctuation of display value: Not more than 6%
  • Sensor:
    • Test Principle: Inductance type
    • Radius of Probe Pin: 5um (default) /2μm
    • Material of Probe Pin: Diamond
    • Measurement Force of Probe:
      • 4mN(0.4gf) for 5um stylus
      • 0.75mN(0.075gf) for 2um stylus
    • Probe Angle: 90°
    • Vertical Radius of Guiding Head: 48mm
  • Maximum driving stroke: 17.5mm/0.7inch
  • Cutoff length (l): 0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm optional
  • Driving speed:
    • Vt=0.135mm/s if sampling length = 0.25mm
    • Vt=0.5mm/s if sampling length = 0.8mm
    • Vt=1mm/s if sampling length = 2.5mm
    • Vt=1mm/s if returning
  • Profile digital filter
    • Filtered Profile: RC
    • Filtered Profile: PC-RC
    • Filtered Profile: Gauss
    • Non-Filtered Profile: D-P
  • Resolution:
    • 0.001um if reading < 10um
    • 0.01um if 10um <= reading < 100um
    • 0.1um if reading >= 100um
  • Evaluation length :( 1~5) cut-off optional
  • Power Li-ion battery: rechargeable
  • Operating conditions:
    • Temp. 0~50C
    • Humidity <85%
  • Size 140x57x48 mm (5.5x2.2x1.9 inch)
  • Weight: about 420 g

standard delivery


  • Main unit .... 1pc
  • Carrying case .... 1pc
  • Standard sensor .... 1pc
  • Standard sample plate .... 1pc
  • Power adapter .... 1pc
  • Operation manual .... 1pc
  • Screwdriver .... 1pc
  • Adjustable leg .... 1pc
  • Sheath of sensor .... 1pc


Need to have this new Shimana SHGLST022 Surface Roughness Tester M/I calibrated? While this gauge has passed a quality control check, having a calibration certificate for surface gauges and testers might be required by your quality control system. Digital Measurement Metrology (owner of is a canadian metrology company with more than 25 years of experience. Our Brampton, Ontario based calibration lab has one of the most comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited calibration scope in Canada.

Do you have an old Shimana gauge to be calibrated? We might be able to calibrate Shimana surface gauges and testers (Shimana SHGLST022 or a different model) and provide an ISO, NIST traceable calibration certificate. Please contact our metrology lab for more info.

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