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Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Part#: SHBLST241
Supplier: Shimana
Calibration Certificate: is available at extra cost
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The SHIMANA Digital Roughness Tester is well featured portable device that measure and calculates multiple roughness parameters. It can be connected to Bluetooth printer to print testing reports including all parameters and graphs.

These portable surface roughness testers are designed for shop floor, industrial and inspection room applications across virtually every industry. SHIMANA SHBLST241 combines ultimately technology and precise calculations into one single solution. It offers versatile features for quality control to fit a wide range of surface roughness applications. The gauge features a measurement range of 160um, producing accurate results under a wide range of metal surfaces.


A backlit LCD displays readable characters and graphs, while the simple menu navigation allows for quick access to the gauges’ many features and configurable parameters. This SHIMANA Digital Roughness Tester can save and store up to 100 groups of original data and waveform and automatically save the results and conditions of last measurement before it is turned off. It has also SD Card storage capability to enhance saving and downloading data for further software analysis. Optional PC software is also available.




 1. Inductive Pick-up
DSP specialized microprocessor is used to control and process data with high speed and low power consumption
2. Backlight Digital/graphics LCD Display
128×64 FSTN dot matrix, supports a variety of standard gauge functions. Can display all the parameters and graphics
3. Applicable standards
Complies with ISO、DIN、ANSI、JIS standards
4. Profile graph dedicated button
Displays the profile graph and bearing area curve (BAC). The profiles can be zoomed up and down

5. Data storage capabilities
Up to 100 groups of measurement conditions can be stored in the internal memory.
6. SD Memory card and USB connection
It can extends memory for a large quantities of measured profiles and conditions. Data can be transferred to PC or printer via USB interface.
7. Bluetooth Technology
Wireless data transfer to PC for analysis, communication with computer for live measurements and printing via integral Bluetooth technology

Other features:

  • Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and charging control circuit, high capacity, no memory effect
  • Have a battery indicator icon, prompt user to charge in time
  • Can display the charging process instructions, the operator can know the charging at any time.
  • Continuous working for more than 10 hours
  • Large capacity data memory, can store 100 groups of original data and waveform
  • Real time clock setting and display, record and storage data conveniently
  • Have the functions of automatic shutdown automatic sleep to save power


  • roughness-tester-pick-up.jpgRange: 160um
  • Stylus Radius: 5um
  • Stylus Material: Diamond
  • Contact Force: 4Mn(0.4gf
  • Stylus Angle: 90°



  • Max.Drive Travel Length: 17.5mm/0.7inch
  • Min drive stroke lenght: 1.3mm
  • Resolution:    0.001um
  • Measuring Profile: Roughness,Waviness,Primitive Profile
  • Parameters: Ra(0.005um~16um),Rz(0.02um~160um)
  • Rq,Rt,Rp,Rv,R3z,R3y,RzJIS,Rsk,Rku,Rsm,Rmr
  • Filter: RC,PCRC,Gauss,ISO13565
  • Sampling Length (L): 0.25mm,0.8mm,2.5mm,8mm
  • Evaluation Length (L): (1-5)I
  • Data Storage Capacity: 2M+2G Byte
  • Communication/Interface: USB2.0
  • Power: Built-in Li-ion Battery, USB charging
  • Dimensions: 140mm*55mm*47mm
  • Weight: 440g

Need to have this new Shimana SHBLST241 Portable Surface Roughness Tester calibrated? While this gauge has passed a quality control check, having a calibration certificate for surface gauges and testers might be required by your quality control system. Digital Measurement Metrology (owner of is a canadian metrology company with more than 25 years of experience. Our Brampton, Ontario based calibration lab has one of the most comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited calibration scope in Canada.

Do you have an old Shimana gauge to be calibrated? We might be able to calibrate Shimana surface gauges and testers (Shimana SHBLST241 or a different model) and provide an ISO, NIST traceable calibration certificate. Please contact our metrology lab for more info.

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