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Portable Digital Stroboscope

Part#: SHGLSB013/192
Supplier: Shimana
Calibration Certificate: is available at extra cost
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These Shimana Portable Digital Stroboscopes are small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. Although complex and advanced, it is convenient to use and operate. Its ruggedness will allow many years of use if proper operating techniques are followed. When the speed of the moving object matches the flash rate of the stroboscope, the moving object appears still.

The unit can give the operator the illusion of stopped motion where in actuality the equipment under observation is in a moving state. By adjusting the flashing rate, equipment in motion appears to be standing still. With a slight adjustment, movement can be viewed  in apparent slow motion which enables the observer or the operator to study the process in action. 


  • Wide measuring range & high resolution
  • Digital display gives exact reading with no-guessing or errors
  • Flash timer control conserves flash tube life
  • External trigger allows unit to be automatically Synchronize with equipment
  • Strong flash light at low range and week flash light at high range


  • Display: 10 mm (0.4") LCD
  • Parameters Measured: FPM (Flashes Per Minute)
  • Ranges: 50~12,000 FPM
  • Resolution:
    • 0.1 FPM (50~999.9 FPM)
    • 1 FPM (over 1000 FPM)
  • Accuracy: ±(0.05%n + 1d)
  • Sampling Time: 0.3 second
  • External trigger level: 3-24 V
  • H/L range: Manual conversion. Flashing light is much brighter at low range than at high range
  • Strobe Flash tube type: Xenon lamp
  • Operating conditions:
    • Temp: 0~40C
    • Humidity: <85% RH
  • Power supply: 110V A.C. for SHGLSB013, rechargeable battery for SHGLSB192
  • Size: 215x85x180 mm (8.5x3.3x7.1 inch)
  • Weight: about 1000g

standard delivery

  • Operation manual  1pc.
  • Spare flashing tube 1set


Need to have this new Shimana SHGLSB013/192 Portable Digital Stroboscope calibrated? While this gauge has passed a quality control check, having a calibration certificate for stroboscopes might be required by your quality control system. Digital Measurement Metrology (owner of is a canadian metrology company with more than 25 years of experience. Our Brampton, Ontario based calibration lab has one of the most comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited calibration scope in Canada.

Do you have an old Shimana gauge to be calibrated? We might be able to calibrate Shimana stroboscopes (Shimana SHGLSB013/192 or a different model) and provide an ISO, NIST traceable calibration certificate. Please contact our metrology lab for more info.

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SKUDescription Power supplyIn Stock
SHGLSB013Digital Stroboscope 110V A.C. 0
SHGLSB192Portable Stroboscope Rechargeable Batteries 7

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