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True RMS Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture

Part#: 289
Supplier: Fluke
Calibration Certificate: is available at extra cost
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TrenCapture is an amaizing feature over other logging digital multimeters wich must upload data to a computer to create graph or further analysis the measurements results. It can graphically review information directly on the meter’s display immediately after the recording session is completed without the need for a computer. With this meter the recording parameters can be also selected for any functions with a simple one push button operation. For instance, you can set the length of recording anywhere from one minute to eight days to solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment. Even better, if you need a permanent record, you can save the results in memory and later transfer the date to a computer. 

The Fluke 289 industrial logging multimeter also has a Low Pass Filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements. It has also LoZ Volts function to help eliminating ghost voltages. Now communicate wirelessly with your iOS and Android smart devices with the Fluke Connect mobile app and ir3000 FC wireless connector (sold separately).

Need to have this new Fluke 289 True RMS Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture calibrated? While this gauge has passed a quality control check, having a calibration certificate for digital multimeters might be required by your quality control system. Digital Measurement Metrology (owner of is a canadian metrology company with more than 25 years of experience. Our Brampton, Ontario based calibration lab has one of the most comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited calibration scope in Canada.

Do you have an old Fluke gauge to be calibrated? We might be able to calibrate Fluke digital multimeters (Fluke 289 or a different model) and provide an ISO, NIST traceable calibration certificate. Please contact our metrology lab for more info.

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